Welcome to the 2018 AISD Science + Mathematics X Conference. Below you will find some important information to help you better enjoy your experience:

  1. Parking: All attendees planning to park on campus will need to register their vehicle prior to the conference; click here to register your vehicle . Your vehicle's license plate will act as your parking permit for that week. All conference attendees may park for free in the yellow, gold, or green lots; please refer to the parking map.

  2. Maps: Click here to view maps of the JBWS and JBWN.

  3. Attendance & Pay: To receive continuing professional education (CPE) credit* and/or pay**, attendees the must sign the paper attendance roster for each session they attend and complete the online attendance form at the end of each day; the online form will be open daily from 2:45 - 8:00 pm. *Please allow 2-4 weeks for CPE credit to be assigned or for non-AISD attendees to receive their certificate of participation. **Only AISD 187-day contracted employees are eligible for pay at a rate of $15/hr; payments will be disbursed as part of your September or October paycheck.

  4. Internet Access: Attendees may log on to the St. Edward's Guest network (SEU-Guest) without a username or password. Attendees may also log onto computers located within JBWS and JBWN using the username AISD and password AISD.